Custom Life Sized Cutouts

We’ve all seen the 6 foot tall, life-size cutout of such greats from the NFL, MLB, NHL, even NASCAR, Super Hero’s and cartoon characters. We like to expand our horizon and offer something a little bit more unique and different than the norm. Whatever you can dream of reproducing as a custom cutout we can make. Take a picture of your boss and display it at your annual business meeting. Snap a photo of your favorite pet and bring him/her to work with you. You can even make a life-size cutout of your favorite sunset or local football player. The sky truly is the limit and we’re here to help your dream become a reality

Custom Cutouts

Sign Parrot Offers Life Sized Cutouts on Various Materials

Ever want to drive in the carpool lane but didn't have a passenger? Well now your problem is a thing of the past by using a life sized custom cutout by Sign Parrot! Place one in your passenger seat and say goodbye to missed appointments or arriving late to yoga class. We don't condone this action, and if you are pulled over, you don't know us. OK, certainly we're joking about using custom cutouts for that purpose. You should never break the law. Custom cutouts are great for so many legal purposes, and they're super fun.

You can use them to promote events, or even place them in your office lobby for people pose with for photos. You see them all over the place, now you can have your very own. What better way to showcase the love of your favorite athlete than to have a life sized custom cutout? Great for parties and tailgating events. Your kids would love their favorite action hero or princess in their room. Don’t just accept that Dad or Mom of the Year mug, earn it!

Printed in photographic quality and mounted on sturdy material, custom cutouts will last years. In this day and age where everything is going “viral”, get your custom cutout and let people pose with famous people right in your lobby. We won’t’ tell if you don’t.

** Just to reitterate, Sign Parrot and all affiliated businesses, people, places, and pets do not condone illegal activies using custom cutouts. **

Some Benefits of Custom Cutouts

High Visibility

In high traffic areas, custom cutouts give you high visibility for people walking or driving by your location. They're almost impossible to ignore, and Sign Parrot can design them so they POP. Display specials, discounts, and other promotions. It's great for seasonal specials and sales. Custom cutouts are a very effective way to get your message out.

Cost Effective

Because of the quality fabrication and the fact that it's portable, you can use the sign for many years. One of the most inexpensive advertising tools, Custom cutouts are great for any store front or event.


Cutout graphics advertising is a relatively innovative method of advertising. It essentially is creating a 3D billboard attracting the attention of everyone walking, a car, a van, a pickup, an SUV, a delivery truck, a boat, an 18 wheeler trailer or an RV.

Material Performance

Cutout advertising is now a popular advertising medium, especially because of the high performance vinyl materials and relatively inexpensive digital printing available today. These materials last for a long time (typically 5 years), and can be easily removed. Moreover, if you need to change a portion of the graphic like update your address, telephone number etc. it’s very easy. Such performance is not possible with paint which is a lot more expensive to apply and very difficult to remove.


Custom Cutout Signs can be used indoor or outdoors, and in various locations. Easy to move, and store. You can use them inside to point customers to specials you're promoting as well.

Increased Exposure

Place them in strategic locations to get the most exposure possible. They're portable, so you can test different areas to see where you get the best response. With the ability to switch out faces, you can also change your message every day to gain more notice.

Some of Our Recently Completed Projects

We are constantly updating our list of completed projects. Be sure to check back often, you might see your company highlighted in our portfolio. We take great pride in our work and wouldn't let anything leave our facility unless it meets our high standards. We hold ourselves to high standards, and that is reflected in our quality.

3D Routed Sign Clock

A 3D routed clock sign for Sims Crane using multiple materials.


Full Food Truck Wrap

Full wrap on a food truck we completed for Tiki Cone.


Mall Kiosk and Lighted Sign

Every bit of sign work was completed by Sign Parrot


Full Wrap on RV

Talk about a mobile billboard. We completed this full wrap for Domain Homes.


3D Routed Wall Sign

Another routed sign we completed for Plumbing Rescue for their main office.


Dimensional Lettering For Rent King

A completed project placing 3D routed signs for departments.


Storefront Window Decals

Advertise your products while saving money on cooling costs. Helps block out the sun.


Realistic Food Trailer

One of the gems in our crown. We took a trailer and made it look like a log cabin.


See Portfolio of All Completed Projects